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Use the My Cookbook app in any modern browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge) or as an app on your Android device, iPhone or iPad

Your recipes in one place

Save all recipes in one place and you can retrieve them anytime – no matter if you are on the PC, the iPad, Smartphone and Co. You only need a modern browser or the free Android or iOS app! The app will be available soon for Windows, Linux and Mac

Recipes Import of websites

Do you save recipes from websites in a Word document or as a bookmark? Then just use our import! This feature is currently available for dozens of websites! Do you miss your favorite recipes website? Just tell us which one we should support!

Automatic synchronization

If you change a recipe or add a new one, you can immediately see your changes on your other devices. This is optional because by default all recipes are only stored locally on your device!

Share your recipes with friends

With one click you can send your recipe to friends and family and they can see the recipe, even without the cookbook app. If a friends sends you a recipe via the cookbook app, you can easily import the recipe directly into your cookbook.

Or you can create a common group where everyone can post and edit recipes. These recipes are cloud-only, but you can also insert any recipe locally in your own cookbook. All recipes are available in your app, even without an Internet connection!

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